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Kate spends most of her time obsessing over the couple's perfect, wonderful dog, Manny, and saying she's going to start running again. Aside from that, Kate is an AmeriCorps VISTA this year, meaning that she get's to do the full-time non profit work that she loves, but she still earns less than she did working 15 hours a week as a restaurant hostess. Compared to the last year as an unpaid intern this is still a step up. By the time she's 26 and married, Kate would really like to step up to minimum wage, and to actually take a jog.

Before becoming fixated on stable employment, Kate did a lot of solo traveling and living abroad. Thankfully, living with Kevin is more fun.

Kevin is a hardworking man who none the less claims that he would be useless without Kate.


Kamille Go has been a bestie to the bride for five years. When they met on Kamille's 21st birthday in the dimmest corner of a favorite college booze-time haunt, they instantly hit it off. With the bride off to the Netherlands, Kamille and Kate maintained long email correspondences because LOVE NEVER DIES. Kamille was able to convince Kate to spend NYE in Istanbul and so they did and it was magical. Despite often living in separate countries, Kamille and Kate have been closest of closies and relish in tearing up gmail with their shared life happenings because apart from being well-traveled young ladies, they also share a deep appreciation and maybe stubborn irreverence for the written word.

After working a couple years in Seattle as the city's best damn immigration paralegal, Kamille moved to the Philippines to trace her roots. She currently resides in Manila, but you will see her at Kate's side on March 23rd, 2013 as she's always been.

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