Kate and Kevin


The Proposal

Shortly after moving to Seattle in 2011, Kate and Kevin vaguely discussed marriage and Kevin stated that he would prefer to be gainfully employed before asking Kate to marry him, just in cased he turned out to be a complete failure at life. Kate rolled her eyes and had some more wine.

Several months later, Kate and a newly employed Kevin more or less decided to get married, but Kevin felt that a practical conversation over dinner really wasn't the right way to propose. Kate said, "Fine, but skip the ring – we're broke! But make sure there's champagne on hand." Kevin psyched himself out.

After another month or so, Kevin got down on one knee, beside the couch that Kate was stretched out on, doing useless crap on the internet. Kate we really annoyed about this because she assumed that Kevin was looking over her shoulder again, but instead he said, "Let's get married!" There was no ring, but there was champagne.