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I am a user experience designer and researcher living in Seattle. I help teams get to a shared vision of what problems we can solve so that we arrive at a product that people love.

I am currently a graduate student in Interaction Design at the University of Washington.

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Bluetooth Launch Studio
Enterprise Case Study: Bluetooth Launch Studio

Launch Studio is a web application for testing and documenting Bluetooth devices. As the lead UX Designer and Researcher on the project, I drove the product vision from inception to a release-ready product.

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Controlling Objects in Mixed Reality
Design Research: Controlling Objects in Mixed Reality

If computers could understand their context, how would we choose to communicate with them? If mixed reality could help us interact with light, what interactions would most easily indicate common commands? We’ve answered this question through a case study in controlling audio content.

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Podcast App
Podcast App

A simple podcast app in a sea of overcomplicated competition. Helps mainstream users organize their media consumption experience without the learning curve of a power user's feature set. Designed for Android.

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A Better Receipt
Split The Tab

A reinvention of the ubiquitous restaurant receipt that helps to split a bill. Saves time and complexity for diners and staff, enhancing the overall experience.

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Kate and Kevin's Wedding
Kate and Kevin's Wedding

A visual identity for a wedding, including invitations and website. A monogram was created to be used as a family mark, remaining identifiable after the bride’s post-wedding name change.

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